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Attendance Matters

Attendance is taken and tracked for each student each day, as required by the Connecticut State Department of Education. (CSDE).  How do we determine attendance when a student is remote learning?  The CSDE has provided the following guidelines:

What are remote days?

Remote days are days when students access learning from home using one of the elementary school's two learning management systems (LMS)--See Saw or Google Classroom.

Remote days apply to students who:

  • have opted into full remote learning and do not attend in-person classes
  • are learning on their at-home days while participating in the hybrid model
  • are learning remotely because the entire school is remote learning

How does the school determine my child was "present" when they are learning from home?

The school uses a combination of participation factors (listed above) to determine whether or not a student can be considered present during a remote day.

The CSDE defines being "in attendance" or present if the student is "present at their assigned school, or an activity sponsored by the school (e.g., field trip), for at least half of the regular school day."

Remote learning is a school sponsored activity.  We use a combination of attendance at synchronous virtual meetings (Zoom), viewing asynchronous lessons (lesson videos), logging time on electronic learning systems (e.g. Dreambox, Lexia), and completing and submitting assignments to determine attendance.  If a student completes the equivalent of a half day's work, they are considered present.

How much time does my child have to complete the work?

Work must be completed on the day it is assigned to be considered for attendance purposes.  We ask that work be completed during the regular school day, if possible.  However, we do understand that families have varying schedules and young students require assistance with their work.  Please notify the classroom teacher if your child's work will be completed later in the day.  Teachers will check work the following morning and mark attendance.

Work that is missed can be made up, and we encourage student's to catch up on missed work.  Work that is completed after the day it is due will count toward the student's report card, but will not change attendance for the day it was due.

Why does the work have to be completed on the same day?  

We understand that hybrid and remote learning present many challenges for families, however we must follow the guidelines provided by the State Department of Education when taking attendance.

Click here to see the a one page outline of the CSDE Daily Attendance for Remote Days 2020-21 summary.



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