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A teacher at heart and an accomplished, visionary educational leader for the past forty years, Susan Austin became Groton Public Schools (GPS) Superintendent on January 1, 2021. Her role as Assistant Superintendent of GPS since 2014, along with my many years of high quality experience as an educator and educational leader, have prepared her to carry forth the vision, mission, and goals of the Board of Education.

As a submariner's daughter, she also brings a unique perspective to the military community. Her own Father was stationed in Groton in the late 70’s as CO of Subschool and a squadron commander. “Being in Groton is a little like coming home and I understand the unique challenges and successes our military children and their families face.”





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SEPTEMBER / October 2022


Our First Month Back Together  

This year feels much better!"  - A More Than Words Club High School Student At a Recent Retreat

Our theme for this school year is Coming Back to Community. It is so good to be back together - it’s been a long time coming.  

What does Coming Back to Community look like and feel like?  It’s open houses between parents and teachers, back-to-school ice cream socials and family picnics, PTO meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and professional development for our teachers and staff. It’s students getting their lunches in the cafeteria, our youngest learners having their first classroom experiences, playing and circling up singing their favorite songs, and so many more of the everyday school moments.

Dr. Piazza and I had a chance to visit all our schools many times in our first weeks back. Seeing students and staff, with all those smiles, made us smile. My greatest joy is visiting our schools and seeing so many student champions across the district, across the grade levels, and in all the schools.

Every child needs a champion and my message to our faculty and staff at the start of the school year was Be a child’s champion; be your student’s go-to person. Choose one child that seems to need a champion, and be that champion. Rita Pierson, a longtime educator, inspires this message and the importance of human connection in her Ted Talk: Every Kids Needs A Champion and there has never been a time when this message is more relevant and important.

You can hear our students talk about the importance of coming back to community, in their own words, in this edition of our new parent newsletter. I had the opportunity, along with Dr. Michael Graner, to retreat with our More Than Words students where they expressed their feelings about the effects of the pandemic. They all talked about how this year feels different and better than the past several years.                                                                                

The month ended celebrating our journey with our LEARN partners and the implementation of a multi-million Magnet School Assistance Grant (MSAP). Years ago, our community came together to support the Groton 2020 and build one new middle school on the top of Fort Hill. This MSAP grant helped us afford the design of one of the most engaging middle schools in the country, despite COVID. With the purchase of STEM and Arts equipment and supplies along with professional development in MYP and inquiry-based instruction for all educators, and the support of community partnerships, Groton Middle School has become a beacon on the hill.

Read all about it in GPS News below,

Susan Austin

Superintendent, Groton Public Schools