Do I need to complete a form for each of my children?

Yes.  We need to count each form.  If you have more than one school age child then we will need a completed form for each child.

Do I still need to fill out the survey even if I know I'm not federally impacted?

Yes, please!  We offer an incentive to our students.  We're thinking of a really great incentive this year!

What's the significance of the October 1st date?

The Impact Aid Survey can only take place on one day.  We use October 1st because it is the same date that we use for our student data collection to the state.  When we submit our Impact Aid Grant application we need to supply a verified average daily attendance which comes from our student data collection.

My spouse is currently deployed, does the form require both signatures?

No, the form only requires one signature from the legal parent or guardian of the student.  If the legal parent or guardian is active military, be sure to include this information in Section II of the form.

Who else sees these surveys?

The Impact Aid grant coordinator will be analyzing the data on the survey.  Once a survey tally of the federally impacted has been done and submitted to the U.S. Department of Education, the surveys will then be secured in the Superintendent's office.  When the Department of Education conducts a field audit they may request to see an individual survey to verify data and then the survey will be returned to the Superintendent's office.

Can the survey be completed online?

Due to COVID-19, we are able to accept digital copies of the completed form.  Please complete the form and scan and email it to or fax it to 860-572-2116.

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