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Groton Families: We Need You to Complete Your Student's Annual Impact Aid Survey.


What is Impact Aid and why is it so important to Groton?

GPS Superintendent Susan Austin and SUBASE New London Commander Captain Ken Curtin explain Impact Aid and why every family needs to complete a survey for each student in PowerSchool.

About the Impact Aid Grant

The Impact Aid Grant provides over $4 million each year to support all Groton Public Schools and our students.
Your survey response directly affects the amount of supplemental and grant funds our district receives and supports student technology initiatives like classroom smartboards, iPads, and one-to-one student Chromebooks.
GPS has been awarded over $6 million in Department of Defense Educational Activity Grants since 2014 for technology, literacy, math, science, STEM, Career Pathways, and World Language initiatives because of your participation in this survey.

Login to PowerSchool at to complete your Survey in Forms. Need Help? Contact your child's school or email us at

How to complete your Impact Aid form:

  • Log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal in a web browser or mobile app on or after September 29, 2023.
  • Complete the 2032-2024 Federal Impact Aid Verification Form located on the Forms page. 
    • In the Mobile App tap More in the lower right-hand corner and tap on forms to see the Federal Impact Aid Verification form.  

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Section I:

  • This section of the form will be pre-populated with your student's information. 
  • Please correct any inaccurate information and continue to Section II.

Section II:

  • In this section, please complete the information for Parent/Guardian 1 and 2.
    • If a Parent/Guardian is Active Military select YES and choose Branch and Rank from the drop-down menus.
    • If a Parent/Guardian is not Active Military, continue to Section III.

Section III:

This should be completed if the student's Parent/Guardian works for:

  • Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun
  • Any  Federal branch (VA, Federal Reserve, etc)
  • A private contractor on federal property such as the SubBase. 
  • Commissioned submarines docked at Electric Boat are also considered federal property. 

If you worked a half day or longer on a commissioned submarine on September 29, please list the hull number and name of the submarine. This is based on employment on September 29, 2023 only.

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Do I need to complete a form for each of my children?

Yes.  We need to count a survey for each of our students.  If you have more than one school-aged child then you need to complete the survey for each child.

Do I still need to fill out the survey even if I know I'm not federally impacted?

Yes, please!  Your school may even offer an incentive for students and/or families who complete their survey.

My spouse is currently deployed, does the form require both signatures?

No, the form only requires one signature from the legal parent or guardian of the student.  If the legal parent or guardian is active military, be sure to include this information in Section II of the form.

Who else sees these surveys?

The Impact Aid grant coordinator will be analyzing the data on the survey.  Once a survey tally of the federally impacted has been done and submitted to the U.S. Department of Education, the surveys will then be secured in the Superintendent's office.  When the Department of Education conducts a field audit they may request to see an individual survey to verify data and then the survey will be returned to the Superintendent's office.


What is Impact Aid?

The Federal government is exempt from paying taxes on its property. Therefore, Federal property located within a community imposes a financial burden on local taxpayers. Congress created the Impact Aid Program to reimburse school districts for lost local tax revenue.

Impact aid funds are efficient, flexible, and locally controlled. 

  • Impact Aid funds are appropriated annually by Congress. The US Department of Education disburses the funding directly to school districts.
  • School district leaders decide how Impact Aid funds are spent, including for instructional materials, staff, transportation, technology, facility needs, etc.

As a military community, Groton Public Schools receive annual Impact Aid funds, which are a significant portion of the budget and contributes to enriching the educational opportunities of all our students.  The amount we receive is based on how many of our school-aged population have parents who work or live on federal properties such as the Sub Base.  Over 1,700 Groton students are in this category making us eligible to receive a significant amount of funding that will benefit our schools and students.