As a military community, Groton schools receive annual Impact Aid grants from the Federal Department of Education, which is a significant portion of our budget and contributes to enriching the educational opportunities of all our students.  The amount we receive is based on how many of our school aged population have parents that work or live on federal properties such as the Sub Base.  Over 1,700 Groton students are in this category making us eligible to receive a significant amount of funding that will benefit our schools and students.

How you can help:

On October 1st, your student will be bringing home an Impact Aid survey.  In order to qualify for grant funds, we must have a completed, signed and dated form for each student.  The form is split into three sections. 

  • Section I:

This section of the form will be pre-populated with your student's information.  Please correct any inaccurate information.

  • Section II:

This section should be completed with the students parent/guardian that was Active Duty in any of the Uniformed Services on October 1st.  Include Active Duty members name, Branch of Service (USN, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, National Guard, Marines), rank or grade and station or unit.

  • Section III:

This should be completed if the students parent/guardian was employed by either Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun, employed by any Federal branch (VA, Federal Reserve, etc) or worked for a private contractor on federal property such as the Sub Base. 

Commissioned submarines docked at Electric Boat are also considered federal property.  If you worked a half day or longer on a commissioned submarine on October 1st, please list the hull number and name of the submarine. This is based on employment on October 1st only.


Helpful Information