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Phone Training Guides and Information

Groton Public Schools has begun transitioning to a hosted voice telephone platform.  Some of the new features are:

  • 5 digit dialing through out the district.  You will now be able to dial any extension with in the district with the five digit extension and can also transfer calls to any extension throughout the district.
  • You no longer need to dial 9 for an outside line nor 1 for long distance calls.
  • Voicemails will also be emailed to your school email account.  This will allow you to listen to voicemails from any location and forward them to the appropriate recipient via email.
  • Your initial voicemail password is your extension.  To change your password, press the voicemail button, select option 5 and then option 1.

A staff directory will be available soon!

Training Guides

Answering a Call

Feature Guide

Hold and Resume Call

Initiate a Conference Call

Listen to Voicemail

Making and Ending a Call

Muting Your Phone

Navigation Overview

Soft Keys

Transfer A Call

View Recent Calls