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GPS Facebook Page Rules






The Groton Public Schools (GPS) Official Facebook Page ( is intended for the Groton Public School district to share information and resources with the entire community about our school district.  

Groton Public Schools encourages a respectful dialogue and ensures that by moderating page content and that all posts and comments adhere to the following page rules. Please review the following Page rules regarding commenting on posts, when commenting is allowed. 

Questions or comments can also be sent privately to

Comments that violate page rules will be deleted, including those that:

  • Are off-topic from the original post and / or deemed spam

  • Violate privacy or included identifiable information, such as the name of staff or student

  • Personally benefit the commenter and / or are selling a product and / (not linked to a school fundraiser)

  • Endorse a political candidate or party

  • Use language deemed offensive or profane

  • Are aggressive or bullying in nature

  • Violate GPS Handbook Policies

Comments that violate the above rules may be deleted from the page and / or repeated violations will result in the user being blocked from the page.


Images and photos will follow the Groton Public Schools Internet and Media Image Posting, which parents and legal guardians review at the time of registration and can be viewed here.  Parents may opt out at any time by contacting their school secretary to update their child’s registration information.  Parent permission regarding posting student images needs to be confirmed by staff before posting any images.

  • Identifiable images will never be accompanied by students' names.

  • Only first names will be used in published student work.

  • Pictures that are a part of student publishing will not include identifying information.

  • In special circumstances, with parent-signed release, identifying information may be added.