Asbestos Management Plan


Notification of Asbestos Management Plan Availability and Response Actions

Several decades ago, the Groton Public Schools completed a project to remove all known sources of friableasbestos from all school facilities. Friable asbestos has a potential to mix freely with air and remain suspended for a considerable period. This form of asbestos is considered a health risk which is why it was removed. Non-friableasbestos in the form of floor tile and glue remain in some spaces at Fitch High School, Cutler Middle School, West Side Middle School, Charles Barnum, Claude Chester and S. B. Butler. Non-friable asbestos is considered safe when managed properly. All known sources of non-friable asbestos are inspected on a regular basis and abated when necessary. Removal of all forms of asbestos is a goal of the three phased plan to address the needs of all Groton Public School facilities. Recently, phase one of that plan was completed with the opening of Catherine Kolnaski Elementary School, Northeast Academy Elementary School and completion of the academic wing at Fitch High School. Phase one resulted in the closing of four older schools that contained a considerable amount ofnon-friable asbestos. Phase II of the plan is currently being developed.

The district has abated all sources of non-friable asbestos at Pleasant Valley in 1995 and this year at Mary Morrisson.

The State of Connecticut Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools regulation (CT State Statutes 19a-333-1 through 13) requires that notice be given annually that the schools and education programs listed below have Management Plans for the safe control and maintenance of asbestos-containing materials found in these buildings.These Management Plans are available and accessible to the public at each school’s and program’s administrative office and at the Board of Education Offices during regular business hours. These Management Plans also satisfy the school district’s employer hazard communication requirements under Federal Department of Labor (OSHA) asbestos exposure General Industry Standard (29 CFR1910.1001).

  1. Charles Barnum Elementary School, 68 Briar Hill Road, Groton, CT (860) 449-5640
  2. Claude Chester Elementary School, 1 Harry Day Drive, Groton, CT (860) 449-5636
  3. Mary Morrisson Elementary School, 154 Toll Gate Road, Groton, CT (860) 449-5655
  4. Pleasant Valley Elementary School, 380 Pleasant Valley Road, Groton, CT (860) 449-5600
  5. S. B. Butler Elementary School, 155 Ocean View Avenue, Mystic, CT (860) 572-5825
  6. Cutler Middle School, 160 Fishtown Road, Mystic, CT (860) 572-5830
  7. Fitch Middle School, 61 Fort Hill Road, Groton, CT (860) 449-5620
  8. West Side Middle School, 250 Brandegee Avenue, Groton, CT (860) 449-5630
  9. Fitch High School, 101 Groton Long Point Road, Groton, CT (860) 449-7200
  10. Groton Schools Administration Building, 1300 Flanders Road, Mystic, CT (860) 572-2100

Additionally, this serves as notice that the required three year re-inspection of schools took place in May 2011 and the semi-annual surveillance of asbestos-containing materials is scheduled for November 2012 and May 2012. Over the summer of 2012, all asbestos containing floor tiles were removed at Mary Morrisson School.

For additional information, contact the Director of Buildings and Grounds at (860) 572-2190.