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Thank You Teachers!

You play a critical role in educating and shaping children’s lives: the future leaders of countries all over the world. You are kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding professionals that mold children’s lives in a positive direction. Many people entrust their children to you, our amazing teachers, and you affect their lives on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do each and every day.




Learn More About Groton Public Schools K-3 Literacy Curriculum and Strategy

"All Groton Public School students have the right to read."

Read Groton Public Schools K-3 Literacy Curriculum Model and Strategy to Address Achievement Gaps; Reading Waiver Application to the Connecticut State Department of Education and Superintendent Austin's Testimony on Senate Bill 1094 An Act Concerning the Implementation of Reading Models or Programs

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Our Mission is Teaching and Learning


In a richness of cultures and with a respect for all, 

Ensure effective and engaging instruction

Provide dynamic and rigorous curriculum

Build excellent learning environments



GPS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision Statement

Groton Public Schools embraces policies and practices that ensure that all people—especially those who have been historically marginalized based on race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, socioeconomic status, immigrant status, educational status, or religion—have equitable opportunities.  We acknowledge that systems of racial and economic injustice exist in our nation and community; however, as educators, we too recognize that we have the power to dismantle the practices, policies, and systems that perpetuate inequalities.  Thus, an integral component of Groton Public Schools’ mission is to cultivate an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.  As a response, we strive to foster culturally responsive teaching and learning practices to ensure ALL groups feel valued, actively engaged, and empowered.